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Whisky Chilling Stones / Cubes
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    Premium Whiskey Chilling Stones
    9 Piece Set (with FREE Black Velvet Bag for Storage)


    Product Description :

    Whisky Stones are the aficionado's choice for chilling a drink. They eliminate a common problem for all connoisseurs of fine distilled spirits: they cool your drink perfectly without the dilution from melting ice. Now all your favorite drinks are able to be served the way whey were intended to be, perfectly pure and precisely chilled. Whisky Stones are non-porous meaning there is no odor or taste to tarnish your drink. And unlike ice, Whisky Stones provide a smooth chill that does not overwhelm the character of your beverage. Each set of Whisky Stones comes with nine finely crafted cubes made from soapstone, a safe alternative to ice. Whisky Stones are a great gift for anyone who loves the perfectly chilled beverage. Or you can use it as a conversation starter at your next party. Simply keep the stones in your freezer until you are ready to chill your favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise. are the perfect solution for chilling your favorite drink without diluting it.

    Proper Usage: Whisky Stones are not meant to cool a drink as quickly or as much as ice. They are intended to provide a slight chill between 8 and 15 degrees that will protect the taste without drowning the quality.

    - This set comes with 9 premium soapstones as well as a black velvet bag you can use to store the stones

    - Whisky Stones have no taste or odor to affect your drink's flavor

    - Whisky Stones are made of soft stone, have rounded edges, and are lightweight to prevent scratching of glassware

    - These stones are handcrafted in 3/4" (2cm) cubes -- a perfect serving size for most standard glassware

    - BRAND NEW - never used

    - Completely washable and reusable

    Not recommended for delicate glassware or shakers

    How to Use Your Whisky Chilling Stones

    Rinse your stones and let them air dry before first use
    Once you are ready to place stones in freezer, you want to leave them in the freezer for at least 4 hours
    Put 3-5 stones in an empty glass
    Pour in you Whisky or other drink of choice to the height of 1-2 stones
    When you finish your drink, rinse and let your stones air dry before placing back in the freezer
    Some customers have commented that they prefer to put their stones in the freezer while slightly damp, which can cause the stones to reach slightly colder temperatures (this is not required, just a friendly tip from fellow customers if you want to switch it up)






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