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    Product Description :

    The Ultimate Conversation Piece

    This levitating globe is much more than an optical illusion. It floats impossibly in mid-air using a combination of science and magic.

    Two opposing magnets keep the 4" globe hovering in mid-air above the base.The globe and base's stylish design is a creative accent to any room, and the mystery of the floating globe will mesmerize all who see it.

    Includes a low voltage UL listed adapter.

    The Levitron Ion has a removable magnet so it can ALSO float personal items up to 13 oz!

    It may take a little patience to get this incredible globe properly positioned the first time. Here are two customer provided tips that make set up a snap:

    1. DO NOT TRY TO LEVITATE THE GLOBE OR MAGNET FOR MORE THAN 5 SECONDS AT A TIME. When you bring the globe down over the enter of base unit you should feel magnets start to catch and pull about once inch from base. Find the exact center over base unit and you can let go. If you cannot find center in less than 5 seconds bring the globe back up in the air and allow base unit to re-set for a couple seconds and then try again.

    2. PLATFORM MAGNET GOES INSIDE THE GLOBE. When product is received the magnet is is separate wrapping outside the globe. To levitate the globe the magnet must be installed by twisting the globe open at the equator and firmly seated on metal that is positioned over South Pole. If magnet is not seated properly, or if customer tries to set the globe on top of the magnet it will not work.






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